Wednesday, August 31, 2011

stories from Indonesia

Good morning friends. Hope all of you are having a great week so far. Curt, our fearless leader and our home accessories/furnishings buyer just returned from Indonesia. Each time he returns from these trips he brings amazing products and artisan stories that keep us inspired to press on with our goal. Our desire is to foster relationships with our artisans (or friends as we think of them) and help them support their families and communities. Many times it is an entire extended family that creates the different items for us. They all pool their resources and talents to create the unique items that you see in the stores.

On this most recent trip, Curt went to visit some of the families that make a lot of our jewelry. They live on a small island called Madura. Curt spent time with the children while visiting with the people who make things for us. You can see they were enjoying popsicles. I think Curt was trying to pass on his love of snack time!

Looking at this picture it helps me to remember that what we do matters. The items that are in our stores are products with love attached. Each one is handcrafted by people with such great, happy hearts who simply want the chance to have a better life.

Thank you for supporting our purpose and loving our stores, artisans and products as much as we do.

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