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Do you have a blog or website that you'd like to promote?  Go Fish is now accepting sponsorship, and we'd love to have you. 

All proceed are donated to Friends of Chimbote. Friends of Chimbote is a faith-based organization dedicated to supporting programs that improve and transform the lives of the poor of Chimbote, Peru.

We also have a SWAP option (where we each display each other's ad on the sidebar of our blog). In order to be eligible for a free ad swap you MUST be a follower and reader of our blog. To swap ads for free add my button to your site, enter code SWAP in at check out (small ad), and we'll check out your site to approve the swap.  We only swap with bloggers/shops that we find relevant to Go Fish readers.

Here at Go Fish our primary desire and focus has been to bring opportunity and hope to poor of the world by purchasing handmade goods from the people who actually make them. We are confident that the lasting, decades-long relationships we have with some of the world's poorest have fostered a spirit of hope, love and dignity to many whom we now call friends.

-We are currently celebrating our 25th anniversary. We have 12 locations.
-We blog about about fashion, making a difference, missions, behind the scenes shenanigans and everything in between.

As of August 1, 2012
Page views last month: 1,325
Facebook Followers - 587 (not including 3900+ fans on our 13 individual store's Facebook pages.)
Twitter Followers - 218

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