Tuesday, March 5, 2013

DIY Tutorial: Chalk Paint Easter Eggs

Chalk Paint Easter Egg DIY Tutorial
Chalk Paint Easter Eggs DIY Tutorial

Last year, you helped Tamara look her Sunday best. This year, we wanted to help you. We've done dessert tutorials, we've linked to hair tutorials (thanks Zooey)....this time around, we are teaching you how to decorate eggs with style - Go Fish style!

Hard Boiled Eggs
1/2 cup Acrylic Paint (any craft store)
1 tablespoon Unsanded Grout (Lowes/Home Depot)
Paint Brush
Mixing cup or bowl (preferably disposable)
Mixing spoon (preferably disposable)
Colored chalk

1. Mix paint and unsanded grout together, carefully breaking up clumps.
2. Gently paint the eggs. You may have to paint two coats. Be sure not to paint in clumps.
3. Let them dry.
4. Decorate your eggs!

Easter Egg DIY
Easter Egg DIY

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  1. Oh how cute!! I might try these with my boys later this month! :)


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