Friday, April 13, 2012

Birthday Shenanigans

We love birthdays here at the Go Fish home office! It's a time to step away, have some laughs & eat some cake. Today happens to be Cecilia's (Cece - as we cool kids call her) birthday. Cece is Go Fish's administrator extraordinaire! She is the super glue that holds our office together. Happy Birthday Day Cece! You are awesome! We love you!

As I mentioned before birthdays here mean laughter & cake. Last year someone (we protect the guilty here) had the brilliant idea of decorating Cece's yummy caramel (yes caramel) cake with not 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 but with over 60 candles! It melted some of the top caramel frosting. It made for a great memory & lots of laughs. Here are a few images from last year.

This year it was decided not to try and burn the cake and waste perfectly good frosting. This amazing cake is by none other that Brunswick's own SugarBakers!

Here's Cece peeking into the kitchen to see what we were all up to.

Save paper and use your hands for a party hat (a Go Fish b-day tradition)

Look at those yummy layers!

I love that SugarBakers incorporates a scripture onto their label.

Till next time!


  1. That looks so yummy. Happy birthday to Cece!

  2. I love that birthday cake!! Great photos... and Happy Birthday to Cecilia!

  3. Aww birthdays are so fun! That cake looks really pretty too. And yummy. ;)

    xx Jessica

  4. Aw, so sweet! That cake look phenomenal!

  5. How fun! Happy birthday Cece!!!! Live and miss u! JENNNNAY

  6. That cake looks DIVINE. Seriously amazing.

  7. Oh my! This is what I call a real cake! Looks DELICIOUS! So many layers, Can't stop staring the cake's photo with so many layers! Haha!

    Loved this post**

  8. Fun photos! That cake looks delicious!! Happy Birthday Cece!

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  9. How cute! Love the laughing photos... and that cake looks amazing!

  10. Can I get this cake also, pleeeease?;) I love the idea of your blog and your doing a great job!

    Kisses from Berlin

  11. Oh, that's really cool! I love when Christian companies incorporate their beliefs into their business practice. The cake looks beautiful!


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