Tuesday, January 10, 2012

a new year…new Go Fish!

The current temperature at our home office is 65 degrees. Where in the world is the cold January that allows us to bundle up and wear all of our layers? I know another cold snap is coming up in a few days, I am ready for it to get here. With that said, we are busily preparing for the launch of our Spring line. We took a few cute shots featuring a new top that is coming in along with some of our favorite jewelry.

After seeing this series of pictures, we decided that with the arrival of the Spring clothing in stores Natalie and I would style and mix it our way to our individual style and post pictures to the blog.
A few days ago, Natalie and I (it’s Ashley again) had a few quick test shots taken for a surprise you will find out about in the near future. We had a great time with our photographer, Tamara, and the pictures turned out pretty great.


Now that you have seen shots that we didn’t use, I know you just can’t wait to see the one’s we pick! And better yet, stay tuned for the reason for these photos anyway!
Just to have some fun, you can see one of the goofy pictures we took. Enjoy.

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