Friday, July 15, 2011

we can’t get enough of a great maxi dress!

Ok ladies, here is a great and easy tip for you: a maxi dress can cure all your fashion ails. A good maxi dress can be dressed up for a cocktail party, or dressed down for a day of farmer’s markets, shopping and meeting pals for brunch. It’s simplicity at its best! To make sure that it is a good match for you, make sure that the length is good for your height. I suggest to always try to wear shoes with at least a slight lift to continue your lengthened look. Add as much height as you can so you don’t look like humpty dumpty. My goal with a maxi dress is to always make sure it hits at your ankle or just above. The length can be a little shorter than that, just make sure that  it doesn’t cut you off and create an unflattering line. A final styling tip is to always pair bold jewelry with your maxi dress. Small delicate jewelry ends up lost with a maxi dress. If you don’t have any bold jewelry pieces that are larger in size, then you can layer your small pieces to end up with the same effect. Stack  several small bracelets on your arm.  Create a group of 3 smaller, more delicate necklaces that are different lengths for an eclectic, bohemian look. A perfect time to wear those large and in charge earrings you have that you never wear (it’s okay, we all have them), is with a maxi dress. Everything ends up to be balanced out perfectly. With all of that said, one of the styles I was most excited about from our Summer 2011 collection were our maxi dresses. We have two different styles that offer a great fit with perfect small details!

The first dress is from our Global Vintage group (and before you ask, yes this is already in your local Go Fish store!). This dress features 3 rows of ruffles at the bust and the print of the dress is a fun ‘coffee bean’ batik in red with a shade of pink!

The second maxi dress style that just arrived in your local Go Fish is from our Rustic Textures group. It is in a gorgeous navy blue (or ink, as I like to call it) shade. I am convinced that navy or ink is a staple color everyone should have in their wardrobe. It looks amazing in the summer styled with white and gold. In the fall, it pairs effortlessly with jewel tones that are so popular. Basically, you should all run out and buy this dress! Other great points about this dress is that it has strategic smocking that creates a long slim line…which I know we all love to hear. We love to belt it but you certainly don’t have to. The lines this dress create naturally are so flattering. Enjoy!

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